Thinkpad Picture Tours and Discussions

In my years as a member of the Thinkpad Forums one of my hobbies has been posting “picture tours” of various Thinkpads I owned / played with. Essentially, these are expositions, discussing different aspects of the laptops, with accompanying photos. Some of them were short or focused on a particular aspect; some were much longer and often evolved to historical surveys. From time to time, I’d also post analyses of various technical aspects / issues I’ve encountered in my usage of Thinkpads, with whatever solutions/workarounds I found.

Occasionally when asked about one of these topics, I’d like to be able to quickly locate the information without searching the forums. However, the discussions following the publications are often as valuable as the publications themselves, so instead of reposting the content, I’m linking here to the relevant threads. This avoids duplication, but gives Thinkpad geeks, such as yours truly, a single entry point to many such discussions. As long as the Thinkpad forums stay online (which I hope they do for years and years to come) :), these threads should be readily available.

Picture Tours

T42p vs. T60p! (30-Aug-2007, by NathanA; additional pics)
X32/T42/T60/accessories (22-Sep-2007)
DELL2007FP and DELL2007WFP Monitors (08-Nov-2007)
Thinkpad X Series Showcase: X32, X61, X61 Tablet (22-Dec-2008)
14″ thin-n-light showcase: T60 vs Z61t vs T61 wide (14-Feb-2009)
Laptop Pack + One Special Non-Thinkpad Member (05-Mar-2009)
X61 – adding third language to the keyboard (07-Jul-2009)
T61 14″ Wide and T400 – Point-by-point Comparison (17-Jul-2009)
14″/15″ 4:3 T60 – indepth comparison with pictures (18-Jul-2009)
Thinkpad SL500 Pics and Discussion (07-Nov-2009)
LG SXGA+ Flexview aging effects (09-Sep-2010)
Thinkpad Collection (updated with complete photos) (29-Jun-2011)
Classic Thinkpad Tour – Featuring: A31p, X32 (04-Nov-2011)
Lenovo’s last classic Thinkpads tour: T410, X220, T430s (06-Mar-2017)
Thinkpad 25 First Impressions (22-Dec-2017)
Thinkpad 25 vs T410, T430s, Yoga 14 (22-Dec-2017)
Thinkpad 25: 6 months and a 6 cell battery later (05-Jun-2018)
Surprise addition to collection: A21m (17-Sep-2018)
12 Thinkpads (or is it 13?) (10-Oct-2018)
Thinkpad 25 keyboard keys removal/reattachment guide (21-Nov-2018)
Thinkpad 25 vs X1 Carbon 5th/6th Gen (23-Mar-2019)
Thinkpad Maintenance + Upgrade Day (04-Oct-2019)
T470p (01-Sep-2020)

Other Discussions

Notes on battery life, gauge and manufacturers (10-May-2009)
Indepth analysis of keyboard sturdiness: T4x vs. T6x (Long) (27-Jun-2009)
T60 w/ X1400 – Presentation Director / Omega drivers woes (11-Sep-2009)
Weight measurements: Thinkpads + Accessories + Others (01-Feb-2010)
Battery Capacity Chart – October 2011 (20-Nov-2011)
T60+WinXP – Cardbus performance issues – cause and solution (07-Jan-2013)
ExpressCard USB3 adapters – read speed issue [SOLVED] (09-Jan-2013)
X220 IPS Image Retention Problem – Replace LCD? (20-Jan-2014)
X32 2GHz and Shin-Etsu thermal paste – success story (20-Jul-2014)
X220 IPS – Image retention, white spots, warranty exchanges (08-Feb-2015)
Thinkpad X220 and USB3 on Series 3 Docks (23-Feb-2015)
USB 3.0 support on Series 3 Docking Stations (24-Feb-2015)
T410 – reapply thermal paste – noticeable improvement (14-Jun-2016)
Battery capacity charts – updated January 2017 (10-Jan-2017)
Thinkpad 25 (also T470, T480) assembly design flaw (10-Mar-2019)
Fixing some T60 Mobility X1400 issues with unofficial driver (21-Dec-2019)
T430s and Kingston msata SSD problem (06-Jul-2019)


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