Category: Rayman

A summary of all Rayman-related pages on the website.

PC Version Cage and Boss Guide

Note: The guide was written in the 1990s. Text only, excuse the clumsy language at times.

Rayman DOS No-CD Cracks

The TL;DR version (just the patch offsets) is here.

Rayman v1.21 Multi-Language

A simple patch to make Rayman v1.21 honor the language selection in the configuration file, instead of forcing a locale.

Rayman 2 McDonalds Toys

The set was offered in McDonalds France Happy Meals circa 2000.

Hoodlums’ Revenge Review

A Game Boy Advance exclusive spin-off of Rayman 3, played on a PC via emulation.

10th Anniversary Collection

I focus on the PC release. The collection has also been released for PlayStation 2, GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

Origins Russian Collectors Edition

The PC Collector’s Edition was only available in Russia. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions were available worldwide.

Origins + Legends Double Pack

Once again, I survey the PC version. The same pack was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Rayman PC Versions History

A survey of all the releases I own, and some of those I don’t.


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